If there was ever a time to be actively involved in the Democratic Party, it is now. The Boone County Democratic Party is working harder than ever to strengthen our presence and make our voices hear We need you to stand with us.

Our Executive Committee, Democratic Club, and Woman’s Club meet regularly and are hosting an increasing number of activities that provide opportunities for involvement. For a calendar of events. visit our website, or our Facebook page at Boone County Democratic Party.

Of course, our primary responsibility is supporting Democratic candidates for local, state and federal office. Hosting fundraising events in support of qualified candidates is more important than ever before.

A continuing theme of all we do is to promote the underlying values that make us Democrats. We believe that the foundation of our democracy is citizens caring about their fellow citizens – which means we take responsibility for ourselves and four our fellow citizens. We work with others for the greater benefit of all.

We share a common set of values-civil rights affordable and accessible health care, retirement security and efficient and honest government. We promote economic growth and the rights of the working people to organize. We honor those who have served, or continue to serve in our Armed Forces. We believe in strong families as we work for the future of our children

A vibrant democracy depends on the informed involvement of its citizens. Please join the Boone County Democratic Party in promoting a bright future for our country and for America.

Democratically Yours,
Carole Register
Chairperson, Boone County Democratic
Executive Committee