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Background Expansion Act Letters to our Senators

Take action by   Monday, March 18, 2019

I am reaching out to you today because I believe that like me, you are invested in taking the steps needed to create safer communities in our area. A unique opportunity was presented to me by an organization that I believe is accomplishing great things, Sandy Hook Promise. I am a SHP Promise Leader and have been asked by the organization to organize a letter writing campaign to write to our senators to ask for their YES vote on U.S. Senate Bill 42, the Background Checks Expansion Act. This is the counterpart to House Bill 8 (H.R.8), which has already passed the House with a 240-190 spread. Expanded background checks are the next step to ensure that all gun sales in the U.S., not just select ones, receive a complete background check before authorized purchase. Background checks have been proven to save lives and have been shown to reduce levels of gun violence in states that have expanded background checks to all sales. 

I hope you will consider writing your very own personal messages to Senators McConnell and Paul. I have attached a template for a letter provided by Sandy Hook Promise, but you are more than welcome to personalize your letters.  If you can assist me by writing these letters I will need to collect them by March 16th.  You can stop by my house, scan me a copy of your letter to print out or I will meet up with you anytime before the 16th.  I will gather all the letters together and mail them off to the students at the March For Our Lives organization on March 18th. They will then gather in DC and hand deliver bags of constituent’s handwritten letters, from across the country, to senators in their DC offices on March 25th.  I am excited to partner with both Sandy Hook Promise and the March for Our Lives students, both of whom are taking steps to create safer communities in our state and nationwide, but they need our help. 

I hope you can help me with this and feel free to pass the info on to anyone else who might be willing to write some letters. If you can't get your letters to me before the 16th, I can provide you with the address to mail it to. I look forward to joining forces in an effort to save lives!

Chris Phelps-Thiry


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