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Jonathan with my family
My daughter is afraid of her uncles and most men, but she went to Jonathan and let him hold her. He must have a way with feisty children.

small tp night at the races

Bill Adkins at the Boone County Fair

Governor Beshear

Boone County Fair

Boone County Fair

Boone County Fair

Our next Senator from Kentucky

Head shot - Howard

Supreme Court


Women's Club Style Show & Luncheon

Freedom 2

Freedom 1

Freedom 1

Fair 2


Rachel & Elizabeth


Horne and Hackett

Our friend Jim Cole

Chairman Tankersley thanking our volunteers

Chairman Tankersley surrounded by beautiful women

Ken Lucas speaks with Jim Cole and Roger Auge

Mike Kelley with Dennis Repenning

Club president Rachael Clark with Carleen Stephens

Carl Cassell and Norris Johnson

Our chairman Howard Tankersley greeting guests

Gathering at the bar before dinner

Mike Kelly with Marilyn and Ann

2007 Democratic Candidates

Turfway Park

A view from the top

Handing out flags and candy

Chair Howard Tankersley with daughters Rachel & Elizabeth

Dr. Daniel Mongiardo

Ken Lucas and Alice Sparks

Bruce Ferguson and grandsons

Phyllis England

Labor Day Parade 2007

Labor Day Parade 2007

Kentucky State Fair 2007

Judge Keller models a fur

Wine Tasting Photo Album

Kenton County Folk

Like My New Hat!

The Mystery Bag

An Encouraging Speech

The Crowd

Smarter Than

and continues...

Tasting continues

The tasting

Getting Ready


The Crowd

Taking Questions

Elizabeth Edwards

Chairman Miller

Rabbit Hash General Store

Miller and the Boone Countians

Jonathan with my family

Some of the littlest Democrat in N KY

Jonathan and daughter Abigail



Jonathan Miller

KDP Family Day

David in Parade

David at Fair

Freedom Game

Wine Tasting

Waiting to hear from President Clinton

Crowd at Tickets after Ken arrives

Ken and County Chairs

Ken Lucas Rally at Tickets in Covington

Fundraiser and Rally for Rena Ping, Candidate for County Clerk

Sam & John Edwards 1

Randy and David Ryan


February Meeting 2

February Meeting 1

January Meeting 3

January Meeting 2

January Meeting 1

Sidebar #733421

Ken Lucas 2

Ken Lucas 2

Ken Lucas 2

Candidate (And soon to be State Representative) Randy Blankenship and Kathy Blankenship

It obviously wasn't that funny.

Chairman Tankersley tells an inappropriate joke about dubya.

It obviously wasn't that funny.

And so is this

That speck really is Hillary Clinton

The best part of any dinner...the wine

The Boone County Table!

Hillary Clinton

Sam & John Edwards

A good sport

County chairs with Biden

Meeting with Senator Biden, Carleen Stephens, Betty Roth and Trina Jennings

Betty Roth & Senator Biden

Giving thanks to our county chairs

Biden during his speech

Another Boone County Table

Biden, Trina, & Rachael

Howard and Hotties

Seven of the Dozens of Boone Countians in Attendance

Bruce Ferguson with Senator Biden

Senator Biden and Singers

Boone County Group

Senator/Governor Ford introduces his friend, Senator Max Cleland

Go get 'em Greg!

Ring the Bell and Win a Pardon!

Pony Rides

Max Cleland, a Great American.

Former Governor Julian Carroll rallies the troops!

Thanks, Rachael!!

Marilyn looking hot in pink!

June Rouse, daughters County Clerk Marilyn Rouse-Howard and Linda.

Bruce Ferguson, Brenda Sparks and Phyllis Tattershall-England.

Ron and Peggy Thompson. Great volunteers. Great Democrats.

June Rouse and Betty Roth. Elegant as always.

Carl and Carleen Count the money!

Bringing up the rear

the Vette


Our website

Pardon Me

Rachael & Alison


Closeup of entrance to The Barn

The Barn

Junior's RV

Rabbit Hash General Store


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