Please join me in sending a huge THANK YOU to the Democratic candidates from Boone County.  Each of them and their many volunteers worked hard and made us proud.

Each of them also knew it was an uphill battle.  However, they believed that it was important for the people of Boone County to finally—after decades—to have a choice when they marked their ballots.  The choice they offered represented support for public education, a belief that healthcare is a right not a privilege, and a commitment to protecting our environment.  The choice they offered portrayed government as having a moral duty to protect and empower its citizens.

I view this midterm election as a warm-up for the future.  Next time let’s fill the rest of those blanks on the ballot—county commissioners, city councils, etc.  Next time, let’s welcome back the valiant men and women of 2018:  Seth Hall, Josh Blair, Amy Ferguson, Roberto Henriquez, Darrell Link, Col Owens, Jesse Parks, and Larry Brinneman.

Carole Register

Chair, Boone County Democratic Party

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You are cordially invited to join Amy Ferguson, her family, and friends at Farm Haven in Union, KY,  Friday, June 14, 6pm - 9pm, as we kick off the Ferguson 4 Boone 2019 campaign! Hear from Amy about her vision for the office of Boone County Clerk and her vow to bring trust, accountability, and transparency to the office. 

This is a family affair! Kids welcome! Enjoy an evening of great food, drinks, music, and conversation with folks united for change in Boone County and across the state.  Click upcoming events for more details


 Northern Kentucky Supports Andy Beshear for Governor 

Host Representative Dennis Keene

Co-Hosts Ken Lewis, Heather & Tom Guidugli Jr., Dan & Mary Guidugli, Dave & Peggy Guidugli, David J. Guidugli, Steve & Alla Guidugli, Mariann & John Dunn, and Michelle Snodgrass cordially invite you to join

Andy Beshear

for Kentucky Governor

Jacqueline Coleman

for Lieutenant Governor

Thursday, June 20

5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

New Riff Distilling

West Newport Warehouse Campus

1104 Lowell Street, Newport

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KY Statewide Candidate contact info

Amy Bales Memorial Scholarship


Election Results

The 2018 Scholarship Winner is Devon Brandt, click here for details.

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